School districts have unique employment needs. Many of your employees won’t work during the summer, while your substitutes may work as little as one day a year. Situations like these can raise difficult questions about unemployment claims in your organization. You can rely on the Fund’s Unemployment Compensation program to offer expert advice and individual attention to guide you through difficult situations.

Personal service and expertise

Unemployment is a challenging subject for any business, but we know it can be especially complicated for schools. Factors such as extended breaks during the summer, temporary or substitute employee work schedules, and Letters of Reasonable Assurance can complicate the unemployment process.

At the Fund, our attorneys and unemployment experts stay updated on current regulations and statutes so we can help you successfully navigate complex claims.

Hearings and appeals

We help you prepare for Texas Workforce Commission appeals, hearings, and changes in legislation. Our attorneys and other experts stay up-to-date on statutes and regulations. James Ezell, an experienced unemployment compensation attorney, guides members through the claims process.

“With a thorough understanding of unemployment compensation laws and precedent decisions, I have reduced our quarterly unemployment compensation bill by 93%. This is in no small part due to James Ezell's sound advice, suggestions, and assistance.”– Jamie Bone, Conroe Independent School District

Be prepared

Keeping your staff informed goes a long way toward preventing unnecessary unemployment claims. Learn from InsideRM articles, expand your knowledge with secured content, and discover training for you and your staff.

Flexible funding options

Select the funding option that meets your needs, whether that's by fully funding or only using administrative services.

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