man writing next to gavel and laptopUnemployment can present unique challenges and complexities for school districts and other education entities. More than ever, our members need the expert advice and individual attention the Fund provides.

Hearings and appeals

The Fund helps members prepare for Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) appeals, hearings, and changes in legislation. Our attorneys and other experts stay up-to-date on the latest statutes and are well-versed in navigating regulations. An experienced unemployment compensation attorney, James Ezell, helps members prepare for appeals, hearings, and changes in legislation.

“With a thorough understanding of unemployment compensation laws and precedent decisions, I have reduced our quarterly unemployment compensation bill by 93%. This is in no small part due to James Ezell's sound advice, suggestions, and assistance.”– Jamie Bone, Conroe Independent School District

Preparation mitigates excessive claims

Keeping your staff informed goes a long way toward preventing unnecessary unemployment claims. The Fund offers training, webinars, and conference sessions as well as InsideRM articles that members can access anytime to keep up to date on the latest unemployment compensation topics.

Flexible funding options

Select the funding option that meets your needs, whether you participate as a fully-funded member or need an administrative services only (ASO) plan. You can discuss options with a marketing consultant or call us at 800.482.7276.