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Violent Act

The Fund's Violent Act coverage helps members recover after suffering a devasting act of violence that results in trauma, property damage, or even loss of life.

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Every school district needs to prepare for the worst, including potential acts of violence that result in trauma, property damage, and even loss of life. The Fund's Violent Act coverage helps members recover after suffering a devastating event.

Here are some key benefits of membership:

  • Coverage provided at no cost to members that have two or more other Fund coverages: *
    • Auto
    • Liability
    • Property
    • Workers’ Compensation
    • Unemployment Compensation
  • Up to $250,000 in reimbursement for qualifying expenses that directly arise out of a violent act
  • Up to $1 million reimbursement for demolition, rebuilding, remediation, and repurposing of buildings and structures

*Violent Act coverage cannot be purchased as a standalone coverage.

Qualifying Expenses

Details about costs and limits of coverage are listed on the Coverage and Contribution Summary (CCS) for Violent Act Coverage. Qualifying costs could include:

  • Post-event emergency
  • Mental health service
  • Crisis communication
  • Essential support
  • Property reimbursement

Dedicated Consultant

Members with Fund Auto, Liability, Property, or Workers’ Compensation coverage also benefit from a dedicated consultant who helps them address risks associated with campus security and emergency management.

Have Safety and Security or Emergency Management Questions? 

Members with Auto, Liability, Property, and Workers’ Compensation coverage can request training and support from their risk solutions consultant.

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Safety & Security

The Fund offers emergency preparedness and mitigation resources as a value-added service to members with Property, Auto, Liability, and Workers’ Compensation coverage.

Want To Know More About Coverage?

For more information about our coverage and funding options, contact a marketing consultant today.