Educators have a tough job and face a host of unique and complex legal challenges. Members trust the Fund's legal expertise and leadership in the industry.

Stronger coverage with more protection

Gaps in liability coverage can present huge risks. Our coverage includes both General Liability and Professional Legal Liability. If you receive an allegation or a threat of a lawsuit, the Fund will be there for you with expert support and litigation management.

Expert claims service

Your time is valuable. Membership with us means your organization doesn’t have to spend countless hours researching and arguing cases. Our dedicated claims litigation consultants handle claims quickly and properly.

Experience and compliance

Our panel of attorneys, well-versed in many areas of the law, are skilled at supporting your litigation needs. We stay current on statutes, governmental immunities, and other regulations so that you don’t pay for unnecessary coverage.

Privacy & Information Security coverage

Members with Liability coverage receive coverage to protect their data from cybersecurity incidents. Starting September 1, 2020, a $250,000 combined single limit covers the most common cyber claims, including a data breach, phishing attack, or fraudulent direction incident. Members can increase the limit with an extra contribution. Get expert guidance and topical resources on how to mitigate cyber risks and manage your digital assets.

Knowledge, guidance, and training

Education has changed over time, and schools face a variety of legal topics from Title IX compliance to student privacy or bullying. A legal liability risk consultant helps members find solutions to those concerns.

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