When you’re responsible for transporting students, any vehicle damage can be devastating. That's why members trust the TASB Risk Management Fund’s expertise. Our coverage and service can keep you and your students safe, on and off the road.

Personal and specialized support

We know what it takes to maintain fleets of buses, trucks, and other school vehicles. We’re familiar with education-specific challenges, including school bus accidents, fleet management, and incidents with third-party claimants.

We offer more than just claims coverage. We provide helpful resources like inventory management with Kroll Reporting Solutions (formerly Duff & Phelps) and access to secure online reports for claims data. We’re proactive companions who serve you with training and resources that can prevent vehicle damage altogether. Our Risk Solutions Consultants are available across the state, so you can receive personal support tailored to your school’s unique needs.

Expert claims service

Your district can’t afford to have your buses off the road for long, so our expert claims staff is here to help you. We take calls 24/7, including nights and weekends, so we can quickly handle your claim and offer appropriate repair options. When needed, we work with reputable independent adjusters to accurately gauge vehicle damage and make sure you get the help you need.

Our coverage isn’t limited to accidents. We can also cover vehicle theft and non-collision damage to your vehicles, so if your school bus has been battered by Texas hail or other unpredictable incidents, we can offer the help you need for repairs and recovery.

Driver training and vehicle protection

Transporting students, teachers, employees, and coaches can be a risky business. We help you do your job safely by providing a wealth of educational resources on safe driving techniques, collision investigation, and vehicle maintenance best practices. Read InsideRM articles to keep up with risk trends from our in-house experts and discover how our complimentary training courses can keep your vehicles and those inside them out of harm’s way.

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