Hail Alerts

Fund members have an advantage when it comes to hail damage. By partnering with Hail Alert Technologies, the Fund is able to alert members when potentially damaging hail has fallen at one of their properties.

How it works:

It's not always obvious when you've incurred hail damage to your property or vehicles. That's why the Fund receives HailFlash™ reports that pinpoint when and where hail falls. When the locations match up with members' monitored addresses, The HailFlash™ details the hail size, location, and time of the event, along with a list of the members' potentially damaged properties.

Once the Fund receives the HailFlash™, depending on the size of the reported hail, a Fund representative notifies the affected members and provides guidance as to how to proceed.

It is important that members respond to the Fund upon receiving a hail notification from Fund about hail.

Diligence in responding to hail events helps members:

  • Ensure that they do not overlook a insured hail-loss
  • Accurately and quickly identify all hail damage losses
  • Mitigate additional damages through immediate response
  • Avoid interruptions to school and business operations

The Hail Alert process is a powerful risk mitigation and cost savings tool for Fund members. So the next time you're faced with stormy skies, watch for an email from the Fund providing you with a HailFlash™.

To learn more about Hail Alerts please contact your risk solutions consultant.