Liability Claims FAQ

What are the types of liability claims?

  • General liability (GL) claims involve incidents resulting in bodily injury and/or property damage.
  • Professional legal liability (PLL) claims may involve allegations of discrimination, retaliation, violations of IDEA or constitutional and/or civil rights, sexual misconduct, or other claims.

The Fund's Liability Program includes Data Breach/Privacy coverage, which provides protection for costs that members might incur in the event of a data or privacy breach.

What should members do if they get sued?

Please report lawsuits to the Fund immediately upon service or receipt. You may submit a scanned copy of the petition or complaint to the Liability Claims Inbox, or fax to 800.580.6720. If you have additional questions, call 800.482.7276, ext. 6800.


General liability claims

When should I report a  general liability claim?

Report a GL claim when you become aware that someone has damaged property, suffered an injury, or incurred medical expenses. When in doubt, report it. The fund will handle the claim and act as your advocate.

What types of issues might be considered a general liability claim?

  • A visitor or student is injured on school property
  • Parked vehicles are damaged by lawn equipment

Professional legal liability claims

When should I report a PLL Claim?

Report a PLL claim if you receive a charge of discrimination, a notice of hearing, any petition or complaint from a court, or any demand that threatens litigation. While it may not trigger coverage, we sill set up a claim for you and review for coverage.

What types of claims might be considered a PLL Claim?

  • Most litigation
  • Allegations of sexual misconduct
  • EEOC complaints
  • IDEA appeals

Because the PLL agreement as various provisions depending on circumstances, many allegations of wrongful acts may also trigger coverage.