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School Security Toolkit

Access resources on topics such as creating a district police department, complying with state mandates, and navigating coverage questions.


New Law Enforcement Agency Process Toolkit

This resource expands on the new-agency checklist, digging deeper into the 11-step process for creating a new law enforcement agency.

New School District Law Enforcement Agency Start-up Checklist

This checklist provides a high-level look at the steps districts should follow to start an in-house police department.

School District Police Department New Agency Start-Up FAQ

This document addresses some common concerns you may have regarding school security and in-house police department development.

Does Your Workers' Compensation Coverage Apply to District Peace Officers?

Administrators should understand how secondary employment and on-call status could impact workers' compensation coverage for district peace officers.

Student Privacy and Safety Simultaneously

TASB Education Counsel Joy Baskin explores the intersection of FERPA and school safety in this School Administrator magazine article.

Special Overtime Rules for Police Officers

Special provisions exist to allow public sector employers flexibility around overtime for police officers, but to remain competitive, most educational entities do not apply the provisions.

Safety Personnel Staffing

This TASB HR Services article explains your options for complying with the HB 3 requirement that each campus have an armed security officer during regular school hours.

School Marshals and Other School District Personnel Carrying Firearms

Explore factors that school districts should consider before allowing employees to carry firearms on campus under the marshal or guardian plans.

Key Takeaways from SBLE Summit

Get tips on complying with HB 3, partnering with local law enforcement, leveraging TEA services, and implementing the right SBLE program for your district.

FAQs About Armed Security Officers

This TASB Legal Services resource answers common questions about HB 3’s requirement that an armed security officer be present on every campus.

Third-Party School-Based Law Enforcement Resources

Resources address school-based law enforcement policies, grants, training, personnel, and memorandums of understanding.