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5 Benefits of Career and Technology Education Liability Coverage


Career and Technology Education (CTE) programs help your students learn and grow beyond the classroom. They offer students an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience in their chosen profession by working in local businesses for school credit. The TASB Risk Management Fund supports members in their CTE initiatives by extending General Liability coverage to K-12 students who work in local or chain businesses as part of a CTE program. Here are five things you need to know about the Fund’s General Liability coverage for Career and Technology Education students.

1. It makes your job easier

Many businesses require schools to provide liability coverage before allowing CTE students to work for them. Before the Fund began covering CTE students in 2017, members had to seek out and purchase this coverage on their own. Not only did this make it more difficult for students to work, but it was also a significant hassle and expense for school administrators. Now, verifying your students’ coverage is as simple as displaying an official Certificate of Coverage, available from the Fund by request.

2. It broadens students’ options

CTE Liability coverage enables students to work in a variety of businesses. From drugstores to auto repair shops to construction companies, CTE coverage helps students meet many companies’ insurance requirements so they can explore a variety of professions firsthand. In the process, coverage supports your work as an educator by making it simpler to provide your students with enriching professional experiences.

3. You may already have it

CTE coverage isn’t a special initiative that you have to choose. Rather, if your district is a member of the Fund’s Liability program, then your CTE students are already covered. The Liability coverage agreement includes a “K-12 school district student while participating in an external career or technology program approved by the Fund Member” in the definition of a “covered person,” meaning that CTE students have the same General Liability coverage as regular school district employees.

4. Sometimes you’ll need more

Some businesses require more specific coverage in addition to that offered by the Fund. For example, petrochemical companies and medical institutions may need students to have automobile or accident coverage due to the nature of their work. Districts that need this coverage will have to purchase it from private, third-party insurance providers and complete a written application.

5. We’re here to help

Procuring additional coverage for students can be time-consuming when you do it by yourself. We can help streamline the process. We may be able to assist you with filling out the application, help connect you with an appropriate insurance company, and answer questions you may have along the way.

Covering CTE students is one example of how the Fund assists members in their educational goals for all students. Learn more about Career and Technology Education Liability coverage and other Fund services by reaching out to your area’s Marketing Consultant, and for more general information on CTE programs, consult resources from the Texas Education Agency.

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