New Workers’ Compensation Member

doctor meeting new Workers' Compensation Member

Welcome to the Fund’s Workers’ Compensation program! We are so pleased to have you as a member. The Fund was created in 1974 specifically for the purpose of providing this coverage to Texas public school districts, and we’re proud to continue that service more than 45 years later.

Getting started

Workers’ compensation is a highly-regulated industry, but we can help you navigate all the regulations and set up processes that make reporting easy.

Schedule a virtual new member information session with Laura Romaine, Workers' Compensation program consultant, who can walk you through the requirements, provide insight and training, and ensure you are set for reporting claims.

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Member benefits

Take advantage of all that’s included in Fund membership.

  • The Fund is a member of the Political Subdivision Workers’ Compensation Alliance, a medical provider network with a track record of getting employees back to work quickly.
  • We work with two telemedicine providers so injured employees can receive care without the need to travel.
  • We have a dedicated in-house claims handling team that walks employees through the process and a medical team of doctor and nurses who consult on complex claims.
  • Risk prevention consultants who know about safety risks specific to public schools can provide assessments and training to help you create safe work environments for your staff.
  • With our online training package, you can access compliance and safety courses to help you train employees. Plus, if you have other lines of coverage, your organization can access more than 30 courses.


Ready to start on your own? Follow the checklist below to complete these items prior to your coverage effective date. (Files to download are PDFs.)

  1. Ensure personnel and all buildings are properly posted with required WC Notices:
  2. Distribute “Employee Notice of Alliance” (English, Spanish) to every employee. Consider adding “Employee Notice of Alliance” to Member Intranet and/or Employee Manual.
  3. Have every employee sign and date the “Employee Alliance Acknowledgement” (English, Spanish) form. Employees sign this form only once, unless they are injured at work at which time they are asked to sign again. Please ensure form is in new employee hire packet to sign. Keep initial acknowledgement in your records and furnish only if requested by adjuster.
  4. Provide the link to Find a Doctor on the Alliance website to your all principals, supervisors, managers and secretaries to ensure they can find the closest treating physicians. Please note that in an emergency, the employee should go to the nearest emergency room.

Contact us

If you need a little help getting started, Workers’ Compensation Program Consultant Laura Romaine ( and your marketing consultant are here for you.