Privacy and Information Security Coverage

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Privacy & Information Security Coverage is available to members of the Property and/or School Liability programs at no additional cost and cannot be purchased as a standalone coverage. 

The Fund partners with Beazley, one of the world’s premiere providers of information security and data breach response services.


The Fund's Privacy & Information Security coverage provides protection for costs that members might incur in the event of a data or privacy breach and the tools needed to help resolve related issues.

Coverage is tailored to the needs of most of our members, and includes:

  • $100,000 in defense and settlement costs for any third party privacy claims
  • Notification costs for up to 10,000 individuals affected by a breach
  • $100,000 for other breach response costs

Privacy & Information Security cannot be purchased as a standalone coverage.

Report a claim

If your organization has experienced a cybersecurity issue, report a Privacy & Information Security claim immediately. If you have questions about the coverage, please call Marcy Barker, claims manager, at 855.295.8344.

Training and support

The Fund has a dedicated Data Privacy Consultant to help members address risks associated with the use and management of student and private data. Training and support are offered at no additional cost to Fund members with Privacy and Information Security coverage. Learn more about data privacy and cybersecurity training and services.