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On-site Behaviorial Boundaries

Online Training

Course Description

This course is more than just an academic or theoretical exercise. Real kids are being hurt by sexual abuse in our schools, and your students need you to recognize when their boundaries are being violated and intercede on their behalf. This two-part course teaches you to recognize inappropriate behavior displayed by staff toward students and protect student safety.

This child sexual abuse prevention course is available with the compliance courses to all Fund Vector Solutions school district members. Vector Solutions offers two versions of this course: one for elementary campuses and one for middle/high school campuses.

Online Training Through Vector Solutions

If your organization has a Vector Solutions (formerly SafeSchools) account, contact your administrator or Vector Solutions for log in details to access this course. Once you're logged in, search for the course title.

The TASB Risk Management Fund (Fund) wants to be sure that your staff receive the training they need and that it's easy for your administration to track compliance. The Fund collaborates with Vector Solutions to provide their award-winning Vector LMS & Training System to members. Visit Vector Solutions get information on how to sign up.