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Exceptional Child: Bullying and Students with Special Needs (Essentials)

You’ll learn three criteria that define bullying, why students with special needs are at risk, and how you can reduce bullying in your schools.

Online Training

Course description

In this abbreviated excerpt from Bullying and Students with Special Needs (Full Course), statistics show that students with special needs are at greater risk for being targets of bullying. However, the course also recognizes that perpetrators of bullying behaviors may also need special education services. You’ll learn specifically about the three criteria that define bullying behaviors and why targets of bullying behaviors are at special risk. Lastly, you’ll learn about classroom and school-wide strategies that can greatly reduce the threat of bullying in your school.

Online Training Through Vector Solutions

If your organization has a Vector Solutions (formerly SafeSchools) account, contact your administrator or Vector Solutions for log in details to access this course. Once you're logged in, search for the course title.

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