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August Compliance Deadlines

School districts must submit their route services reports to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) by August 1. Your report is the TEA’s primary source of information for determining your district’s transportation allotment.

In related news, TEA reminds districts and open-enrollment charter schools to submit their bus accident surveys by August 31.

Route Services Report

Texas law entitles districts to state funding for certain transportation of eligible students. The route services report asks for information on riders and route services that were eligible for transportation allotment funding during the previous school year.

For more information, including a description of eligible transportation and students, see the TEA School Transportation Allotment Handbook.

Follow these TEA instructions to complete and submit your report by August 1:

1. Log into the TEAL portal and select the district link under the Foundation School Program application.

2. Under Programs menu, select Transportation.

3. Select "Enter Contact Information,” complete, and save accordingly. A confirmation notification should populate if handled correctly.

4. Select “Cancel” to return to the main Transportation page.

5. Select “Enter Route Services.”

Transportation Users:

6. After you save and complete the reported data, select “Submit to Superintendent”

7. Notify your district approver. The submitted report is pending their action to be submitted to TEA.

District Approvers:

9. Review the information and select the checkbox to certify the Route Services data reported by the Transportation User

9. Select “Submit to TEA”

Your report status should reflect SUBMITTED if it was successfully forwarded to TEA. If any other statuses are listed (aside from APPROVED), then the route services report is pending school district completion and/or next steps.

Bus Accident Survey

Every school district and open enrollment charter school must complete and submit its bus accident survey report to TEA by August 31. If you don’t provide bus services or if no accidents meeting the reporting requirements happened during the school year, choose the appropriate response on question two of the survey.

How to Report Accidents

The survey collects summary-level data about bus accidents during the 2022-23 school year. You will report all accidents in which either party was issued a citation. If no citation was issued, your organization decides whether to report the accident.

You will provide the following details for each reported accidents:

  • Type of bus involved
  • Number of students and adults involved in the accident
  • Number and types of injuries that were sustained by bus passengers
  • Whether injured passengers were wearing seat belts when the accident happened and, if so, the type

The TEA offers a preview of the survey questions.

To start your survey, visit the TEA’s bus accident survey portal, select your region, and then select your district or open enrollment charter school. For more information, visit the TEA bus accident reporting system resource.

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