Hail Alerts

tennis ball sized hail alerts

The Fund works with Hail Alert Technologies to notify Property members when potentially damaging hail has fallen at one of their locations. 

How hail alerts work 

It is not always obvious when you've incurred hail damage to your property or vehicles. That's why the Fund receives HailFlash™ reports that pinpoint when and where hail falls. 

  • The reports detail the hail size, location, and time of the event, along with a list of the members' potentially damaged properties.
  • Claims staff notifies the affected members and provides guidance as to how to proceed, depending on the size of the reported hail.

Reporting a hail claim

It is important that members respond to the Fund upon receiving a hail notification. If your buildings or vehicles were damaged, a timely and prompt response is critical to preventing costly and unnecessary damages to your property. 

File a claim online or call 800.482.7276 for immediate assistance. 

The Property Coverage Agreement requires members to give the Fund notice of any loss, damage, or aesthetic impairment as soon as possible within 365 days from the date of the Occurrence. Failure to provide this notice could result in the denial of coverage. 

Responding to hail 

The hail alerts can be a powerful risk mitigation and cost savings tool. Following up on hail alerts you receive can help you: 

  • Catch covered hail losses 
  • Quickly and accurately identify damage 
  • Address immediate concerns to mitigate more extensive damage later 
  • Avoid interruptions to school and business operations