Emergency Management and School Security Services

We are committed to helping members and their stakeholders develop, implement, maintain, and advance an all-hazards emergency management and school security program. We provide training, guidance, best practices, and custom solutions addressing the unique risks and emerging threats facing educational organizations. Preparedness and mitigation resources are a value-added service to members of our Property, Auto, Liability, and Workers’ Compensation programs.

Emergency Management for whole community

Emergency management for schools

Because educational organizations cannot predict when or where an incident will occur, they must expect the unexpected. Unpredictability means that every campus and all staff must be prepared to ensure efficient and effective management of any incident, not only for the organization but also for the community.

Building safe and secure schools is an important part of community and social resilience. Communities have the potential to function effectively and adapt in the aftermath of a disaster at a school. Resilience addresses stress, adaptation, wellness, and resource management in the wake of a disaster. Organizations should leverage community resources, as well as resources offered by the Fund and other organizations promoting school safety and security.

Specialized programs and processes can be integrated into emergency operations plans that address all hazards. As practices evolve, schools must update their plans and coordinate with internal and external partners.

We are here to help

Emergency Management and School Security Consultant Melanie Moss collaborates with risk solutions consultants and other TASB experts to ensure members have the resources they need to develop a comprehensive emergency management program, which promotes a common understanding of fundamentals, including risk assessment, planning, and decision making. Our goal is to help members examine a hazard or threat and produce integrated, coordinated, synchronized plans.

District and campus emergency management plans should be based on the five phases of emergency management: preparedness, response, recovery, prevention, and mitigation. During the planning process, it is important to cultivate relationships with first responders, emergency management personnel, and community partners. We work hard to include these elements in our program, providing liaison support between members and first responders.

Fund members benefit from these value-added services:

  • Emergency Operations Plan Review and Revisions
  • Emergency Operations Plan Development Support
  • Emergency Operations Plan Templates
  • District Audit Report Support
  • District Audit Report Training
  • Safety Walks
  • Emergency Management Training
  • Shelter Analysis
  • Drill and Exercise Support
  • After-Action Facilitation
  • Development of Functional Annexes
    • Public Health and Medical
    • Protective Action
  • Development of Hazard-Specific Annexes

Training courses

The Fund’s specialized emergency management and school security training empowers members to develop a comprehensive emergency management program. We provide training in a variety of formats, including conferences, webinars, multi-member trainings, and on-site courses upon member request. Training covers a diverse range of emergency management, safety, and security topics.

Contact us

Members can contact Melanie Moss at melanie.moss@tasb.org to request a consultation and to discuss services and training tailored to fit your organization’s needs.