Risk Prevention Services

TASB Risk Prevention Services checklist

Proactive risk prevention and mitigation strategies are a necessity in today’s workplace. The changing educational environment exposes complex new risks, which must be addressed by understanding the challenges and implementing an action plan.

Effective prevention goes beyond safety checklists and routine inspections. We provide an array of solutions that help you minimize roof damage, prevent vehicle collisions, reduce employee accidents, and more.

Risk prevention services are included for members with coverage in Auto, Liability, Property, and Workers’ Compensation pool programs.

What we offer

Gain insights from regionally-based staff who can evaluate facilities and employee work practices and make recommendations for improvement. Consultants specialize in industrial hygiene, human resources, health and wellness, fleet management, environmental health, and repetitive stress injuries.

Receive high-quality training that addresses a wide range of preventive topics for all levels of your staff, in formats that meet your needs, including webinars, online courses, and in-person sessions.

Access educational materials, ready-to-use digital resources like employee training kits and downloadable occupation-specific handbooks that address your biggest concerns.

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Meet the risk prevention consultants who provide a wide range of knowledge about safety risks and hazards facing Texas public schools.