New: Online Training for Title IX Coordinators

Available at your convenience


The Fund now offers online training for Title IX coordinators that Liability program members can access anytime on the TASB Online Learning Center. This training includes video instruction, engaging quizzes, and realistic scenarios for practical learning about Title IX, the federal law that protects people from sex discrimination in schools and colleges.

Part one of the training provides an overview of Title IX, including how it is defined, its requirements, and when it applies. The course also provides insights on Title IX's application to areas that are not always clear-cut, such as pregnant and parenting students. Resources are embedded in the course, including video instruction on topics of harassment, the administrative requirements of Title IX, and the enforcement of Title IX. 

Part two, scheduled for release at a later date, will cover investigating sexual harassment of students.

How to access training

The training can be accessed through the Online Learning Center with a myTASB login. Email Risk Solutions at for the required enrollment key code.

Who should take this training

The training is designed for Title IX coordinators at k-12 schools and colleges; however, it is also open to district and campus administrators in the Fund Liability program.

How we can help

To learn more about other training opportunities, resources, and services related to Title IX, visit the Fund Legal Liability resource page or contact Legal Liability Risk Consultant Charli Searcy at