myTASB Access

The TASB Risk Management Fund uses the same system as the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) to access secured content and applications—myTASB.

Who gets myTASB access?

Program Contacts, listed as Coordinators in the Interlocal Participation Agreement that members sign to obtain coverage with the Fund, will receive a myTASB user ID and password.

Program Contacts can grant, change, or revoke myTASB access for others at their organizations. Once logged in, view the Group Administrator Guide within myTASB Administration for more information.

Not every contact from an organization will have the same myTASB access as some of the applications, such as online reports, may contain confidential information.

What is the difference between myTASB and the Member Center?

MyTASB is the tool used to grant access to services and applications, but it also used to be the part of the TASB website where secure content was housed. Now, secure content—articles, resources, and links to relevant services—are found in the Member Center.

Once you're logged in, the system recognizes you and customizes content to you based on your past activity on the site, and your role within your organization. Read more about the Member Center experience.

Who do I contact for help?

Send an email to for questions concerning access to myTASB and technical difficulties when using it.