myTASB Access

The Fund offers a variety of resources and services. These resources are exclusively for our members and are located in a member-only portion of our website called myTASB. They are all located under the heading "Risk Management Fund." Refer to the FAQs below concerning myTASB administration for Fund resources.

What kind of information is available to Fund members in myTASB?

Manuals, reports online, and training documents to name a few. All of the myTASB secured and unsecured documents are listed in our Fund Member Library.

Who gets access to Risk Management Fund resources in myTASB?

Program Contacts, listed as Coordinators in the Interlocal Participation Agreement (IPA) that members sign to obtain coverage with the Fund, will receive a myTASB password and user ID. See the sample language in an IPA below.

"...Online Secured Documents. The Program Coordinator named in the Contribution and Coverage Summary will be given secured access to an array of online reports, publications, and other related program resources available only to members through the Fund's website. The Program Coordinator, and only the Program Coordinator, will have responsibility for granting access to others within the Program Participant's organization, for activating access, and for terminating access..."

How can the Program Contact give access to other users?

Information contained in some of the resources, such as online reports, may be sensitive in nature and legally confidential. Program Contacts can access the Group Administrator Guide (located under myTASB Administration) after logging in to myTASB. This guide has information on how granting access to other users, requesting access, changing user information, revoking access, and much more. The e-mail contact for myTASB is

Who do I contact if my password expires?

Send an e-mail to for questions concerning access to myTASB and all technical difficulties when using it.