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General risk management

Let's Talk School Transportation
April 14, 2021

Transportation remains vitally important to school systems. Well-managed transportation departments empower schools to operate more effectively, promote student success, and support their communities. While the pandemic has demanded attention, school districts remain responsible for understanding the transportation environment, including compliance basics, emerging risks, and financial pressures.

Join the TASB Risk Management Fund and a longtime school transportation leader, Dr. Jill Metcalfe, as we take a close look at the current state of school transportation and plan for the future.

Presenters: Joanie Arrott, Risk Prevention Services Manager, TASB Risk Management Services; and Jill Metcalfe, Ed.D., Transportation and Global Logistics Technology Center Director, Lone Star College

Surviving 2021 and Beyond with Trauma Informed Care Practices
January 13, 2021

Every day, students report to your classrooms bearing emotional weight that would crush most adults. Sexual assault, domestic violence, death, and even pandemics carry the power to rob children of their sense of safety and derail their development. Let’s talk about how we can meet the needs of students who struggle with life situations beyond their control. This session will provide a primer on what educators need to know about child trauma. We will explore strategies for supporting students who need your help by weaving trauma-informed practices into the fabric of your schools.

Presenter: Karlyn Keller, PhD, Division Director, TASB Special Education

Special Education Reform is Coming. Are You Ready?
February 19, 2020

TASB’s director of special education extracts key findings from a U.S. Department of Education investigation into Texas’ denial of students with disabilities access to services and support by capping special education enrollment. Learn about Texas Education Agency’s corrective action plan and how to prepare your organization to take the next steps as the plan progresses.

Presenter: Karlyn Keller, PhD, Division Director, TASB Special Education

Save Time and Money with Online Training
February 12, 2020

Well-trained employees are your best defense against workplace injuries, vehicle collisions, compliance violations, and other incidents that drain budgets and productivity. Learn how to get the most value from online training package, including 24/7 access to expert-led courses developed specifically for schools and colleges—at no cost to you.

Presenter: Allie Biggs, Manager of Strategic Partnerships, Vector Solutions Education

Connecting the Dots Between Mental Health and School Security
November 13, 2019

When we discuss the safety and security of schools, our minds go to secured campuses and locked doors. While these efforts are important, just as critical is the way schools respond to the mental health issues of students. By understanding warning signs and risks, we are better prepared to help all students.

Presenters: Amy Grosso, PhD, Coordinator of Future Readiness; and Jeffrey D Yarbrough, Director of Safety and Security, Round Rock ISD

Preventative maintenance

Safety and Savings: Two Reasons to Manage Chemical Inventories
April 7, 2021

Right now, expired chemicals dating back as far as the 1960s are tucked away in bus barns, classrooms, and custodial closets across the country. Sitting next them to them are unlabeled, incorrectly labeled, or improperly stored chemicals that somehow survived multiple leadership changes.

It all makes for a dangerous – and costly – formula.

Watch this webinar and get the tools you need to take charge of your chemical inventory in 2021:

  • Get an insider’s peek at chemical-related challenges the Fund uncovers in schools
  • Master strategies for maintaining appropriate chemical supplies
  • Glean tips for getting the most value when hiring chemical disposal vendors

Presenter: Nicole Callahan, Risk Solutions Consultant, TASB Risk Management Services

Why Leaks Matter: Unpacking Current and Future Fuel Tank Rules
October 28, 2020

Workplace hazards should never be out of sight, out of mind. Take underground fuel storage tanks, for example. Leaks can pollute the environment and spark deadly explosions. Our experts unpack current and upcoming storage tank regulations you need to know about. We help you make sense of your testing, inspection, training, and administrative obligations. 

Presenters: Nicole Callahan and Jesse Gonzales, Risk Solutions Consultants, TASB Risk Management Services

Getting Back to the Basics of Fleet Management
September 23, 2020

COVID-19 is forcing us to reimagine the way we manage risk. Some time-tested principles, however, remain as relevant and powerful as ever. Spend time with us brushing up on fleet management basics that help protect your employees, reign in costly vehicle repairs, and reduce the risk of accident-related litigation. When collisions do happen, you can uncover their root causes and apply what you learned. Our expert will show you how to investigate accidents while following social distancing guidance and other pandemic mitigation best practices. You will also get insider tips for managing your auto coverage costs, including developing a data-driven training program based on your losses.

Presenter: Ryan Boyce, Risk Solutions Consultant, TASB Risk Management Services

Prepare Your Facilities to Weather the Cold
December 11, 2019

Holiday break brings a welcome reprieve from busy work schedules and relentless Texas heat. But as the thermometer drops, the risk of burst pipes and other property damage rises. Get a close-up look at cold-weather claims filed by Fund Property program members. Our experts share practical tips for preparing your facilities to stand up to extreme temperatures and the snow, ice, and sleet that often come with them.

Presenter: Jesse Gonzales, Risk Solutions Consultant, TASB Risk Management Services


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