Privacy and Information Security Coverage: What Does It Cover and How Can It Help My District?

Educational entities collect, store, and create abundant amounts of sensitive personal information related to students, employees, and third parties. The storage, dissemination, and overall protection of such information is governed by various state and federal confidentiality laws. Members should understand the importance of identifying such information within their possession and the duty to protect such information from unauthorized access. This webinar will provide members with tips on: identifying sensitive personal information, assessing the risks associated with unauthorized access to the information, addressing an incident, reporting the incident to the fund, and what happens after a data breach claim is reported.

Suggested Audience: Risk Management coordinator, human resource director, director of technology, superintendent or assistant superintendent of operations, communications or public relations director

Length: 43 minutes

Originally Presented: March 23, 2016

To View: Contact Risk Management Member Solutions for the link to view this webinar. Include the title of the Webinar in your message.