Chemical Emergencies: Prevention and Mitigation

Chemical emergencies can unfold quickly, and depending on the level of preparation and response, the impact can be anywhere from negligible to severe. Without proper training and easy access to safety information and supplies, all staff that work with chemicals are at risk to serious injury. This session will discuss the rules governing proper chemical management from the perspective of emergency management, with scenarios for the common types of chemical emergencies.

Presenters: Joanie Arrott, Risk Solutions Consultant and Melanie Moss, Emergency Management and School Security Consultant, TASB Risk Management Services 

Suggested Audience: Emergency management staff, environmental health and safety staff, facilities directors, fleet managers, operations managers, purchasing agents, risk managers, and science, art, and shop coordinators

Length: 56 minutes

Presentation date: February 15, 2017

To view: email Risk Solutions at for the link to view this webinar.