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Online training that works for you

Training your staff is better with online courses from SafeSchools and SafeColleges by Vector Solutions. Courses have a school focus, so your district or college employees will get the knowledge they need to do their jobs safely and compliantly.

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View our recorded webinar to learn how to get the most value from our online training package and view a demo of the platform.

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Eligibility: Organizations that purchase only Unemployment Compensation coverage or Workers' Compensation Administrative Services Only are not eligible.

Topics that matter

Fund members with Auto, Liability, Property, or Workers' Compensation pool coverage are eligible and receive access to six compliance courses. With additional Fund coverage lines, you can access more than 30 courses, all at no cost. We have new courses that have been added to the compliance pack that cover child sexual abuse prevention and COVID-19 topics. See more details in our sidebar course listings.

Customize your experience

SafeSchools offers a comprehensive, custom training solution, with options to use our pre-selected course package, upgrade to the full catalog at a discounted rate, or upload your own handbooks, policies, and courses.

Assign courses to employees, set up specific training plans for new hires, and create email reminders for outstanding assignments.

Get usage data at your fingertips with real-time reports on who has completed training. Cybersecurity is important to us, so your employees’ personal information is never required to log in.

Get started

It is quick and easy to get set up with SafeSchools or SafeColleges.

  1. Select a primary administrator for your organization.
  2. Contact SafeSchools or SafeColleges at 800.434.0154 or fill out the form on the SafeSchools website.

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For additional information about the SafeSchools or SafeColleges training program, email Melissa Cannon.