Roof Inspections 101: From the Inside Out

Roof Inspections 101 schools roof illustrations


Roof repairs and replacements can quickly drain funds from any organization’s budget. Fortunately, a little preventative maintenance can go a long way toward cutting costs.

This online training empowers Property members to save much-needed funds by extending the life cycle of their facility roofs.

This training is designed to:

  • Explain the fiscal benefits of investing in routine roof inspections and maintenance
  • Show you how to safely inspect roofs, identify potential damage, and make a follow-up plan
  • Engage you with interactive content based on real-life scenarios
  • Test your knowledge with a short quiz

How to access this training

The training can be accessed through TASB's Online Learning Center with a myTASB login. Email Risk Solutions at for the required enrollment key code.

Look for the resources link in the top right corner of the course for additional downloads.

Who should take this training

The training is designed for district-level administrators.


Contact TASB Risk Solutions Program Administrator Casey Burkhart at