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The Essentials of Vehicle Collision Investigation

June 07, 2016 Kristen Pham


school zone speed limit signAre you hoping to learn more about the ins and outs of vehicle collision investigation? The TASB Risk Management Fund offers a course that will take you through each step of an auto accident, addressing why and how collisions occur as well as what actions to take at the scene to record and preserve vital evidence.

Finding out what went wrong, whether an accident is major or minor, is the key to prevention. The Vehicle Collision Investigation Course assists Workers’ Compensation and Auto program members in understanding terms and requirements for vehicle accident investigations. This course is helpful, whether the vehicle collision you are investigating involves white fleet or buses.

The recommended audience for Essentials of Vehicle Collision Investigation includes risk management and safety specialists, transportation directors, operations supervisors, trainers, lead drivers, loss reporting staff, maintenance directors/administrators, and others who are involved in vehicle investigations. The course is offered at no cost for tuition or materials. Attendees are only responsible for their own travel and lodging.

Upon successful completion, attendees will be able to:

  • Gather information and facts to support the district in the event of legal action.
  • Better understand the role of supporting and working with local law enforcement at the scene.
  • Know how to determine the proximate cause of an accident.
  • Recognize contributing factors and patterns to help prevent recurrence. 

Topics include:

  • Chain of events and tools of the trade
  • Road signs, road rules, and road markings
  • Evidence identification and analysis
  • Collision investigation photography
  • Interpreting and measuring road marks
  • Tire forensics and brake systems
  • Field measurements and sketching
  • Human factors and interview techniques

The Fund offers variations of the Vehicle Collision Investigation Course, including the new crash course on collision and scene safety. The Fund offers Vehicle Collision Investigation courses periodically throughout the year in various parts of the state, which are posted on the online events calendar when they are available. If your district is interested in hosting a course, contact Risk Solutions at 800.482.7276, ext. 2853. 

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