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New Bills Require Additional Cybersecurity, School Safety, and Mental Health Training

July 03, 2019 April Mabry

Cybersecurity and school safety and security were major topics during the 86th Session of the Texas Legislature–two bills were passed related to these topics that require additional staff training. Summaries of these bills are provided below.

Cybersecurity training (HB 3834)

All employees and board members who have access to a local government computer system or database are required to complete state approved cybersecurity training at least once each year. (Effective 6/14/2019)

School safety and mental health (Senate Bill (SB) 11)

This comprehensive bill is designed to improve school safety and promote mental health in schools and public community colleges. In addition to existing statutory requirements, multi-hazard emergency operation plans would be required to include:

  • Training in responding to an emergency for district employees, including substitute teachers
  • Measures ensuring employees have classroom access to a telephone or other electronic communication device allowing for immediate contact with certain emergency services, law enforcement agencies, health departments, and fire departments
  • Measures ensuring communications technology and infrastructure adequately allow for communication during an emergency
  • Mandatory school drills and exercises designed to prepare students and employees for responding to an emergency
  • Strategies for ensuring professional development training for suicide prevention and grief-informed and trauma-informed care is provided to school personnel
  • Training on integrating psychological safety strategies into the district’s plan from an approved list of recommended training established by the education commissioner and Texas School Safety Center for members of the school safety and security committee, school counselors and mental health professionals, and educators and other district personnel as determined by the district
  • Mandatory training for commissioned peace officers

(Effective 6/6/2019)

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