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Don't Mix Chemicals When Cleaning Schools Because of Coronavirus

March 24, 2020 Nicole Callahan

Schools have been instructed to close as part of the effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Many districts are taking the opportunity to deep clean facilities while the halls are empty and employees across the state are working from home.

Work safely

If you have maintenance, custodial, or other staff working on site, please follow basic infection prevention measures.

  • Limit employees’ contact with each other by staggering shift times and work locations, if possible.
  • Encourage frequent handwashing with soap and water.
  • Promote covering coughs and sneezes with elbows or tissues that are quickly thrown away.
  • Discourage employees from sharing equipment and tools.
  • Make sure sick employees stay home.

Follow directions

The global health crisis has caused shortages of personal protective equipment, including respirator masks, gloves, and cleaning supplies. For schools, this can mean waiting a little longer for cleaning supplies to be replenished. At home, this means you may not have access to the cleaning products you’re used to working with. Even if your typical cleaning solutions are in short supply, do not be tempted to mix chemicals together.

Not all products are compatible with each other and mixing some can cause severe health issues. Always follow instructions on product labels and safety data sheets when handling chemicals.

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