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Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Resources for Fund Members

September 26, 2018 Kristen Pham and Jessica Clark

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, but creating a culture of cyber awareness should be an ongoing effort all year long. Did you know the TASB Risk Management Fund (Fund) provides Privacy & Information Security coverage, training, and resources to Liability and Property members at no additional cost?


The Fund partners with Beazley, one of the world’s premier providers of cybersecurity and data incident response services, to provide protection for costs that members might incur in the event of a cyber incident or data breach. Many are not aware that such costs include appropriate investigation into suspected incidents by experienced cyber experts.

Coverage includes:

  • $100,000 for breach response costs, including incident investigation and remediation
  • $100,000 in defense and settlement costs for any third party privacy claims
  • Notification costs for up to 10,000 individuals affected by a breach

We’re here to help

Data Privacy Consultant Jessica Clark is an industry-recognized security expert, speaker, and trainer focused on helping Fund members maintain secure organizations. She can assist members with custom solutions to address risks associated with the use and management of student information and private data, including:

  • Evaluating information security practices
  • Establishing data privacy and cybersecurity procedures
  • Developing and implementing training for Fund member employees
  • Conducting risk, process, policy, and threat assessments
  • Employing security processes for working with vendors and third-parties managing risk and remediation activities

Cybercriminals are targeting schools at an increasing rate

Because budgets are often strained and school officials face competing priorities, education institutions often lack the resources necessary to implement industry best-practices to protect sensitive records and data under their care. However, we are committed to helping members reduce risk exposures by addressing privacy and cybersecurity challenges with development, implementation, and advancement of cybersecurity initiatives.


Specialized data privacy and cybersecurity training empowers members with knowledge and resources to protect the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of student data; prevent cyber threats; and appropriately respond to incidents.

Training topics available to Liability and Property members by request include:

  • Fundamentals of data privacy and cybersecurity for educational entities
  • Protecting student privacy while using internet-connected educational services
  • Building a program to manage data and cybersecurity risks
  • Phishing 101 (basic) and Phishing 201 (advanced)
  • Malware, ransomware, and drive-by downloads
  • Fraud and identity theft
  • Incident response and remediation to cyber attacks

Members can contact us for guidance, training, and resources customized to address your privacy and cybersecurity challenges. To report a Privacy & Information Security claim or for questions about the coverage, e-mail us or contact TASB Risk Management Claims Manager Marcy Barker at 855.295.8344. Visit the Fund webpage for more information and resources.

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