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Before you Bounce: What you Need to Know about Inflatables

February 13, 2019 Paul Taylor and Joanie Arrott

We often receive questions from Fund members about buying or renting inflatable bounce houses or moon walks for school carnivals or celebrations. Sometimes these events are managed by the school and sometimes by a parent organization or booster club.   

In either case, it is a good idea to understand that inflatables are considered “amusement rides” by the state of Texas and are licensed and inspected as amusement rides.

An article from the Texas Bar Journal explains the considerations needed before taking your first bounce, starting with this tip:

“Vendors: Check the TDI website and rent your inflatable only from a reputable vendor who can provide you with a current Amusement Ride Compliance Sticker showing insurance and annual inspection and make sure that the sticker is current and the vend/serial number matches the inflatable vend/serial number that you are renting.”

Based on injury statistics, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends the following for equipment set up and use:

  • Inspect equipment prior to use and manage equipment by a trained operator.
  • Ensure a clear perimeter of eight feet on all sides and avoid power lines or other overhead hazards.
  • Inspect generators to ensure proper inflation—suffocation is a risk with deflation.
  • Separate students by age and/or height—injuries are worse for children of different sizes.
  • Ban stunts like flips or somersaults as these activities more commonly result in spinal trauma injuries.
  • Provide adult supervision at all times.

Discover more tips and read about the regulations and liability concerns of inflatables in the Texas Bar Journal article.

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