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Learn Safety and Training Tips to Help Your District

May 30, 2017 Lorena Garza

Safety & Security

The Fund offers several Multi-Member Training courses dedicated to inform school districts about management and safety topics in areas such as maintenance and operations, transportation, facilities, and more. During our trainings, we focus on prevention of losses and efficient resource management.

Typically, one member organization can request the training and serve as host for the course. Members from the surrounding areas are encouraged to participate. Multi-Member courses are available at no cost to Fund Members in Workers’ Compensation, Property, Auto, and/or Liability programs.

Trainings included

  • Crash Course on Collision and Safety: Learn comprehensive prevention strategies to help recognize the hazards of driver fatigue and driver distraction and discover how to effectively cooperate with others to control a scene and report details of a collision investigation. This course lasts one day.

    • Suggested Audience: Risk management staff, transportation and white fleet directors, operations supervisors, trainers, driver operators, aides, coaches, and other authorized district drivers

  • Vehicle Collision Investigation Course: Find out what went wrong, whether a collision is minor or major. This course can be a one-day or two-day training. You will learn terms and requirements for vehicle collision investigations.

    • Suggested Audience: Risk management and safety specialist, transportation directors, operations supervisors, trainers, lead drivers, loss reporting staff, and others involved in vehicle collision investigations 

  • Loss Prevention Coordinator Course/Supervising for Safety: Are you responsible for preventing or managing losses, but have little experience or lack a safety background? Gain the knowledge and tools you need in order to manage risk and prevent losses. This course can be a one day or two day training.

    • Suggested Audience: Secretaries, superintendents, human resource staff, operations directors, business managers, facilities staff, safety and risk managers, administration and finance staff.

  • Hazardous Communication Coordinator Course for Texas Public Schools: This course is designed to give an overview of the practical regulatory measures for the prevention of incidents, losses, or exposures that may cause health impairment, injury, fire, or interference with operations. It will cover federal, state, and local regulations related to both utilizing and housing hazardous materials, both in a laboratory setting and in other facilities.

    • Suggested Audience: Facility managers, operations supervisors, safety and risk managers, and science laboratory coordinators.

For additional information or to schedule a training, please contact Lorena Garza at 512.505.2887. 

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