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Introducing the Fund's New Logo

January 04, 2019 Amanda Beck

The TASB Risk Management Fund has been serving public education entities in Texas since 1974. As the Fund has evolved over 45 years, one element that has stayed constant is responsiveness to emerging risks and member needs. Just like we’ve updated coverage and services in the past, we’re now updating the Fund logo.

Why the change?

The mission of the Fund emphasizes providing comprehensive and responsive risk solutions for members rather than simply adhering to outdated notions of risk management. The new logo’s simplified text reflects that focus. The name of the TASB Risk Management Fund has not changed.

What’s new?

The design references the existing logo and maintains the equity that was built up by the current brand. It merges elements from the old mark with elements from the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) brand. For example, the updated design includes the original flag, but it is enveloped by a square form that is reminiscent of the TASB logo's alternating rounded and square corners. The existing color palette of red, blue, and gray reinforce the ties to TASB as well as Texas.

The words are presented in all capital letters like the old Fund logo, but the font is updated to match the new TASB logo. Stacked next to the icon, they are also larger, easier to read, and scalable for digital and small applications.

The new logo launched in celebration of the Fund’s anniversary, but it may take a while to transition everything from the old look.

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