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Innovative Solutions, Positive Results from 2016 Innovation Award Recipients

April 26, 2016 Melissa Cannon

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The Fund is pleased to recognize 11 school districts and community colleges that have successfully turned common risk management challenges into successful solutions by honoring them with the 2016 Innovation Awards.

This year’s recipients and their award winning programs includes:

Hiring for Attitude, Training for Skill

‚ÄčThe Allen ISD Transportation Department created a rigorous program to train employees in safety and emergency response. Launched five years ago, the program has reduced accidents and incidents, costs to the district, and employee turnover.

Online Safety Compliance Training

East Central ISD recognized the importance of increasing  safety awareness and providing training to reduce potential losses through a committed risk management, safety, emergency, and loss prevention process. This led to the implementation of web-based safety and compliance training for district employees.

Emergency Management Substitute Quick Reference

Grapevine-Colleyville CISD implemented a checklist to inform and train substitutes which has improved the way the district approaches emergency preparedness. The district emergency management substitute training program is a quick reference that combines district information with the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) and contains easy and useful tips for campus implementation.

News Flush

To provide useful health information, Hallettsville ISD developed “News Flush,” a monthly informational flyer to hang next to the toilets. Topics include breast and colon cancer facts, cholesterol facts, men’s health, heart health, diabetes, and more.

Emergency Management Development Plan

Hill College developed a 100-page document that includes tailored emergency action plans, a mass notification system (RebelAlert), FEMA-NIMS training, revised signage and campus map designations, a department and budget assigned to Campus Safety, and an Incident Command Team.

Slip-Resistant Shoe Program

Irving ISD implemented a slip-resistant shoe program as an effort to reduce the high volume of slips, trips, and falls claims the district was experiencing. Two years of data to compare to prior years shows the return on the investment has been substantial.

Safety BEAR (Behavior, Education, Awareness, Responsibility)

The Risk Management department at Katy ISD has focused on hazard identification and mitigation through the Safety BEAR (Behavior, Education, Awareness, Responsibility) Program. Initiatives include using the school mascot to demonstrate hazards and how to correct them; distributing safety topics through e-mail, social media, and monthly safety meetings; and rotating high school mascots to have a cross-district impact.

Bus Driver Safety Training Program

Los Fresnos CISD launched the Bus Driver Safety Training program in August 2014 after experiencing several back-related workers’ compensation cases. Bus drivers and bus aides help special needs students get on and off the bus. The program is designed for drivers and aides to reduce work-related injuries and includes an evacuation training form, handmade mannequins to represent students, and mandatory safety meetings.

Diabetic Chronic Disease Management Program

After cross-referencing a list of diagnosed diabetic employees and dependents in the district’s self-funded health insurance plan, it was discovered that not all diabetics were purchasing glucose testing supplies. San Benito CISD implemented a Diabetic Chronic Disease Management Program in an effort to give policy holders access to these supplies.

Shallowater ISD - CrisisGo App

Shallowater ISD uses the CrisisGo app as a part of their efforts to continuously improve safety for students, faculty, and staff. The customizable app syncs nightly with student software to provide up-to-date class rosters so that in a crisis, each staff member has an accurate list of students they are responsible for during specific times of the day. The check-in/out system during a crisis automatically alerts administration in which students are not accounted.

Electronic Locking Devices

Due to the capacity of Thrall Elementary, the Thrall ISD moved the fifth graders out of the main building to an older wing once occupied by sixth graders. This strip of classrooms, from almost half a century ago, was known as the fifth grade “islands”, and were not considered safe for parents and visitors. The district’s IT technician built a plan to provide a high tech system and completed this three-classroom project in less than one week. Teachers are now equipped with a restroom/student pass that requires them to re-enter by swiping the reader.

The 2016 Innovation Award recipients will be presented with a commemorative plaque and honorarium toward their risk management programs at the Annual Members’ Luncheon April 25 at 12:15 p.m. during the 2016 Members’ Conference.

Since 2004, the Fund has been honoring members for innovative initiatives, products, and programs that are inventive, timely, and effective. Look for information about the 2017 Innovation Awards on the Fund website later this year.