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Fund 101: 7 Ways Our Expert Staff Can Help You

November 24, 2021 Communications Staff

Traditional coverage providers typically insure multiple industries, each with unique risks. The Fund focuses exclusively on the risks facing schools. If you take advantage of our expertise, you can spend less time on coverage-related issues and more time delivering a quality education to the community you serve.

TASB staff is here to help you:

1. Get the coverage you need

School districts and community colleges are complex organizations that face an array of risk. One day, a teacher could suffer a fall while standing on a chair to decorate his classroom. The next day, a school bus could get rear ended or a roof could get pummeled by hail.

Our underwriters deliver competitively priced coverage that addresses your risk universe.

“The [TASB] Risk Management Fund helps ensure that all of the district’s assets (including personnel) are well protected,” said Sid Grant, associate superintendent at Coppell ISD. “To me, the blanket property coverage is crucially important, and is not something many other carriers offer.”

Coppell ISD is among the growing number of Fund members that recognize the benefits of participating in multiple Fund programs. Our marketing representatives are on hand to help you understand each coverage program and its benefits.

As part of the Fund’s commitment to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with members, our underwriters and marketing representatives maintain the knowledge and professional certifications that matter to schools. Here are just a few examples:

  • Senior underwriters Wesley Aycock and Paul Grim hold multiple designations, including the prestigious Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter designation.
  • Marketing representatives Scot Parnell and Adrian Pena earned the Certified School Risk Manager designation. Their teammate Jennifer Jones holds the Associate in Risk Management designation, and she served as President of the Dallas Fort Worth Risk & Insurance Management Society.
  • Some of our expert staff spent time in your world before joining TASB. Marketing representative Rosa Brown is a former school district employee with experience in district finance. Her colleague Elizabeth York served on the Lubbock-Cooper ISD Board of Trustees.

2. Prevent losses

Workplace accidents, vehicle collisions, and other incidents carry costs. Direct costs are the benefits promised in your coverage agreement. Indirect costs such as down time associated with workplace accidents and burst pipes come out of your organization’s budget. Regionally based TASB risk solutions consultants help you protect your people, property, and vehicles.

Reach out to your consultant for tailored hazard surveys, service plans, and in-person, virtual, or on-demand training. If you need a quick response to a common or one-off question, your consultant stands ready to help. For example, Ryan Boyce recently fielded a member’s question about footwear for food service staff.

Ryan and his co-workers know that when it comes to preventing incidents and controlling their costs, data is key. Fund loss history reports empower you to drill into your claim details. Your consultant will walk you through your report and help you identify improvement opportunities.  From there, you can identify the root causes, correct them, and reduce the risk of similar incidents in the future.

3. Address special risks

As the public education environment changes, organizations are exposed to new and unique risks. Lean on our special risk consultants to push back on cybercrime, navigate legal liability risks, bolster school security, and comply with worker’ compensation regulations.

Like their risk solutions counterparts, TASB special risk consultants deliver expert guidance, consultations, and training–and members see the value.

When the Fund rolled out its new injury-reporting tool earlier this year, we hosted multiple webinars to help members navigate the system.

“I have a new position at work that will require me to use this information,” said a member employee who attended one of the webinars. “I will be reaching out to these ladies who did an awesome job of explaining what is needed.”

Sign up for our email updates to make sure you don’t miss Fund training opportunities that will help your team do their jobs even better. If they can’t make a live webinar, they should register anyway, and we’ll connect them with the on-demand version.

4. Resolve claims and recover from incidents

Incidents and injuries happen, even in the safest schools. TASB adjusters help you respond efficiently so you can return to the important work of serving Texas students. It’s a big responsibility that requires our employees to wear multiple hats.

They’re investigators who gather facts about incidents, liaisons who consult with medical staff and other experts, and most of all, a support system for you. After the 2021 winter storm, Marketing Representative Jennifer Jones was treated to a first-hand account of what TASB adjusters’ passion for service means to members.

“I visited Melissa ISD today to deliver a renewal proposal,” said Jennifer. “Chief Financial Officer Lance Rainey had only great things to say about Kendel Blocker (TASB property adjuster) and his attention to detail on a winter storm claim. Lance said Kendel has been patient with him, explaining the process along the way and that Kendel is very knowledgeable, which has placed him at ease to know that they are in good care.”

Sometimes, third parties contribute to incidents. For example, another driver might run a red light and hit a bus. Our in-house subrogation recovery specialist works to ensure the responsible party covers the costs, which ultimately saves money for the Fund and our members.

5. Get quality medical care for injured employees

Nobody wins when valuable employees miss work to recover from on-the-job injuries. The TASB workers’ compensation claims team ensures your employees get quality care, recover, and return to the team as soon as medically possible.

The team includes TASB Medical Director Brian Buck, M.D., nurse case managers, and adjusters that average more than two decades’ experience. Staff collaborates with physician advisors to ensure services are medically necessary and based on nationally recognized treatment standards.

Members with Workers’ Compensation coverage also benefit from the Political Subdivision Workers’ Compensation Alliance (Alliance), a partnership of five Texas risk pools, including the Fund. Contracting with quality medical providers who are trained to treat workplace injuries, the Alliance consistently earns high marks on the annual Texas Department of Insurance Network Report Card.

7. Get the answers you need

TASB member service advisors (MSAs) are among the most well-rounded experts on our team. Whether you have questions about an invoice, your coverage, or our online features, MSAs can help you get answers. Email the team at inquiry@tasbrmf.org or call 800.482.7276. If you prefer real-time support, use the Chat feature on the bottom-right corner of the Fund website.

A heart for education

The Fund is administered by TASB, so members have access to staff who understand school policies, legal requirements, human resources, financial operations, and school board operations. A 19-member Board of Trustees that includes Texas school board members, superintendents, and school business officials contributes to policy and strategy decisions that support the Fund’s mission.

Our leadership and staff bring unique perspectives and expertise to the job, but we have at least one thing in common: Our heart for education is woven into everything we do to serve our members. We encourage you to reach out to us for guidance on protecting your resources and getting the most value from your Fund coverage.

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