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Discover the Value of Comprehensive Risk Solutions

July 19, 2019 Amanda Beck


Comprehensive is not a word we take lightly. Because the TASB Risk Management Fund is a self-insurance risk pool, its primary stakeholders are its members. Coverages and service are tailored to fit members’ needs, and they adapt to address new needs or environmental circumstances.

School districts and community colleges are complex organizations that face unique and sometimes interrelating risks. The purpose of the Fund is to ensure they are safe, secure places of learning for our students. We do this—and support educational excellence in Texas—by providing comprehensive risk solutions.

Benefits of one coverage provider

There are several important benefits for members who secure coverage from a single provider. They receive the broadest possible coverage at the best possible cost. For public education entities that are expected to do more with less funding each year, making cost-effective decisions for the long-term is critical.

When organizations purchase coverage from multiple carriers, gaps in coverage occur. It can be very difficult to know all the places where your auto and liability don’t meet up if they are from two different providers. We know that gaps in coverage can mean members have to put in more effort or resources.

Having a single provider streamlines the claims process, making it faster and easier for all parties involved. When complex claims that involve multiple coverage lines arise, it is much simpler to work with the Fund than to deal with multiple providers.

Fund members come in all sizes. While there are some large school districts or colleges with personnel dedicated to risk management, many smaller districts do not have that staff. For them, having coverage with a single provider is key to operational efficiency.

The strength of each program

We offer coverage in five programs: Auto, Liability, Property, Unemployment Compensation and Workers’ Compensation.

1. Auto

School vehicles transporting students, teachers, employees or coaches are already carrying risks and liability. The Fund covers more than 27,000 buses transporting 1.7 million students. With the Fund’s auto program, members have access to tools and resources that support their business efforts. For example, round-the-clock access to vehicle maintenance logs and online reporting, plus the use of a vehicle repair shop of your choice after completing an inspection by the Fund.

2. School Liability

School districts and other education entities can face unique challenges and complexities when dealing with liability claims. That's why members trust the Fund's legal expertise and leadership in the industry for school liability coverage. We combine Professional Legal Liability and General Liability in a single coverage agreement to ensure there are no gaps in liability, and our experts stay current on statutes, governmental immunities and other regulations so that you don’t pay for unnecessary coverage.

3. Property

Educational entities regularly deal with unpredictable circumstances, especially considering the uncertainty of Texas weather. One thing Fund property program members can rely on is coverage to help repair and replace property and equipment, whether the roof blows off the gym or a fire damages your administration building. The Fund covers more than $40 billion in property, similar to the cost of 34 Dallas Cowboys stadiums.

4. Unemployment Compensation

Unemployment can be complex for school districts and other education entities. Members rely on the expert advice, individual attention, and leadership the Fund provides in unemployment compensation. More than 550,000 public education employees receive unemployment compensation benefits.

5. Workers’ Compensation

The Fund’s highly-rated Workers’ Compensation program helps employees get back to work after injury or incident, including teachers back in their classrooms to deliver quality education to Texas students. Fund members benefit from being part of the Alliance, which has consistently received high scores on the Texas Department of Insurance Network Report Card. An in-house claims and medical team, including a licensed utilization review agent, registered nurses, and board-certified physicians means claims are processed quickly and accurately.

Providing solutions

The Fund does more than just handle claims. We work with members to prevent losses before they happen, and mitigate their impact when they do occur. At no additional cost to pool members, we provide an array of solutions to help minimize property damage, reduce employee accidents, and address the variety of emerging risks they face.

Recognizing time is valuable for member employees, we provide training in a variety formats to fit into busy schedules. Training opportunities include online courses, daylong summits, and our two-day Members’ Conference, where attendees learn from industry experts, connect with statewide peers, and get the inspiration they need to help their organizations succeed.

A name you can trust

The Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) manages the Fund’s programs. This makes it easy for the Fund to help members on a broader scale. TASB experts in human resources, business services, and school board operations are always close by.

If you’re interested in adding a coverage program or taking advantage of comprehensive risk services, contact your marketing consultant or call 800.482.7276.

Editor's note: This article was originally published in September 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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