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Discover the Value of Comprehensive Risk Solutions

April 18, 2022 Amanda Beck


Comprehensive is not a word we take lightly. As a self-insured risk pool, the Fund’s stakeholders are its members. Our comprehensive risk solutions protect your people, property, vehicles, and sensitive data from the spectrum of risk your schools face.

Why participate in multiple coverage programs?

The Fund opened its doors more than four decades ago for the singular purpose of providing Workers’ Compensation coverage to Texas public schools. Over the years, we have expanded our coverage programs to meet members’ changing needs.

By participating in multiple Fund coverage programs, your organization can:

  • Get the broadest coverage possible, at a competitive price.
  • Reduce the risk of coverage gaps that come from working with multiple providers.
  • Ensure continuity of care on claims involving multiple coverage lines.
  • Cut your administrative burdens by syncing coverage renewal dates.

Fund coverage at a glance

Fund coverage responds to risks faced by public schools across Texas. No matter what happens, we’ll be there to help.


Every time your employees get behind the wheel of a bus, SUV, truck, or van, they are at risk of being involved in a collision that carries human and monetary costs. You also have to consider theft, vandalism, hail damage, and other losses unrelated to accidents. Fund Auto coverage keeps staff, students, and vehicles safe, on and off the road.

  • Our Texas Tort Claims Act expertise helps protect your organization from paying more than the law allows for traffic accidents.
  • Catastrophic coverage applies for hailstorms or floods affecting multiple vehicles with a single deductible.
  • Your team benefits from targeted training on topics such as Driver Safety Basics, Signs and Controls of the Road, and Trailer Safety.
  • You can streamline the claims process by simply sending photos of damages to the Fund (does not apply to damaged buses).

School Liability

Title IX expansion, employment practices lawsuits, bullying, and personal injury claims are just a handful of liability risks that schools navigate. Fund members trust our legal expertise and leadership in the industry for School Liability coverage.

  • We combine Professional Legal Liability and General Liability in a single coverage agreement to ensure there are no gaps in liability.
  • Our panel of attorneys is trained to defend members in legal issues unique to school districts.
  • Our School Liability program includes coverage for law enforcement liability when officers are employed by the member.
  • You benefit from support and training delivered by a dedicated TASB legal liability risk consultant.


Educational entities contend with unpredictable circumstances, especially considering the fickle Texas climate. Whether a burst pipe floods the gymnasium or a tornado tears the roof off the high school, the Fund maintains the financial strength and claim-handling expertise to get you back to normal operations quickly and cost-effectively:

Privacy and Information Security

Schools house a treasure trove of sensitive information about students, staff, and parents, making them popular targets for cybercrime. Fund Privacy and Information Security coverage protects you from the financial and reputational fallout of breaches:

  • Coverage includes no deductible.
  • You receive a $250,000 combined limit for costs such as computer-expert services, legal services, credit monitoring, and notification to affected individuals.
  • Our dedicated, in-house consultant can help you solve your risk management challenges and train your team to identify cybercrime, protect your sensitive information, and comply with your regulatory responsibilities.

Unemployment Compensation

Summer break, employee contracts, and substitute teachers are just a handful of reasons schools have unique unemployment compensation needs. Fund Unemployment Compensation coverage meets your needs with services that protect your organization and your employees:

  • TASB Unemployment Compensation Attorney James Ezell, who is a former Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) hearing officer, provides expert guidance to members.
  • James is here to help you fight fraud, prepare for TWC appeals and hearings, protest claims, and get  fraudulent claims voided.
  • Our online wage reporting system helps you avoid costly penalties and reduce errors before submitting to the TWC.
  • We make it easy to upload quarterly wage data through a secure portal.

Workers’ Compensation

Workplace accidents have the power to drain budgets and sap productivity. Fund Workers’ Compensation coverage includes services that help you prevent injuries and manage their costs:

  • The Political Subdivision Workers’ Compensation Alliance (Alliance) network provides quality care to your injured employees and cost savings to you. In fact, the Alliance recorded the second-lowest medical costs in the 2021 Network Report Card.
  • The Fund collaborates with telemedicine providers that allow injured employees to receive quality care without the time commitment associated with in-person visits.
  • Coverage includes a pharmacy benefits manager that saves 63 percent for members annually.
  • Our in-house medical director, nurse case managers, and adjusters work together to ensure your injured employees get the care they need and return to the team as soon as medically possible.

Lean on our experts

Your team specializes in delivering a quality education to Texans. Our team specializes in protecting your resources. Let us help you spend less time on coverage issues and more time making an impact in your community.

If you’re ready to take advantage of the training opportunities, consultations, hazard surveys, and other  services included with your Fund coverage, contact your marketing representative today.

Editor's note: This article was originally published in September 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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