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Fund Network Saves Money, Delivers Quality Care

October 09, 2020 Hiawatha Franks

The Fund is committed to controlling the impact of workplace injuries for our members and their employees. As part of that commitment, you benefit from access to the Political Subdivision Workers’ Compensation Alliance (Alliance). Results from the 2020 Network Report Card show the Alliance is doing exactly what it was created to do: deliver quality health care, rein in costs, and get injured employees back on the job.

How the Alliance benefits you

Workplace injuries come with price tags. Direct costs include workers’ compensation benefits for injured employees. The Fund pays direct costs for fully funded and aggregate deductible members, but those costs can affect your coverage contributions. Indirect costs, which include hiring temporary help during the injured employee’s absence, come out of your organization’s budget.

The Alliance is a medical provider network consisting of five risk pools. The Fund’s partnership with the Alliance helps ensure injured employees receive timely care from providers who follow nationally recognized treatment guidelines. Because the Alliance focuses on quality over quantity, it consistently delivers savings to our members.

Alliance accolades

For this year’s report card, the Texas Department of Insurance reviewed 110,515 claims covering injuries that occurred between June 2018 and May 2019. Networks were evaluated on health care costs, health care utilization, access to care, satisfaction with care, return-to-work outcomes, and health outcomes.

The Alliance earned the highest score among all evaluated networks in the “getting needed care” and “satisfaction with care” categories.

Other Alliance accolades include:

  • Second-lowest overall medical costs
  • Lowest average number of prescriptions per injured employee
  • Lowest pharmacy costs

The network report card also evaluates how much time employees miss because of their injuries. It does not, however, compare networks. Injured employees across networks reported being off work an average of five weeks, compared with 10 weeks for non-network claims. Employees treated through the Alliance had better physical functioning scores than employees treated in other networks. Physical functioning measures a person’s ability to do everyday tasks.

The value of Workers’ Compensation membership

In addition to the cost savings and quality care delivered by the Alliance, the value of Fund Workers’ Compensation program membership includes access to risk solutions consultants who specialize in education sector risks. Members can also save time and money by leveraging our telemedicine program, training services, pharmacy benefits manager, and, most importantly, our expert claims team. For more information, contact the marketing consultant in your region.

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