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Finding a Workers’ Compensation Doctor Is Easier Than Ever!

July 13, 2017 Laura Romaine

The TASB Risk Management Workers’ Program works with the Political Subdivision Workers’ Compensation Medical Alliance (The Alliance) to provide medical care for injured workers. The Alliance has made improvements to their provider search on their website, making it easier than ever to find providers nearby.

Below are some steps on how to find a provider:

  1. Visit their website at http://www.pswca.org.
  2. Select “Find A Provider” on the top right hand side.
  3. Select “Find a Primary Care/Treating Provider”. While some employees will at some time need a specialist, all injured workers must be under the care of a primary physician so the search should start here. Just type in your city and/or zip code and the radius and then click on Search.
  4. The available providers will list in order of the closest to furthest.
  5. You can choose to Print, Download, or Email the list of providers.
  6. Click on the Google Map icon next to the provider to get directions and bring up the easy view map. 
    One of the newest updates is the easy view map which displays the locations of the listed providers.

Searching for Specialists is just as easy:

  1. Select “Find a Specialist” after selecting “Find a Provider” from the home page.
  2. Choose the Provider Type and type in your location and search.

Remember, the Provider List is constantly changing and updating, so it’s best not to make multiple copies of lists for an entire school year. Link the provider search on your webpage and/or intranet and educate campuses on where to direct employees who need to seek treatment for an on the job injury or illness. 

Visit the Alliance website or contact Laura Romaine at 800.482.7276, ext. 2845 for more information.

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