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2018 Texas Department of Insurance Network Report Card Results

October 12, 2018 Hiawatha Franks

Fund's medical network recognized once again for quality care

The Alliance, a medical provider network consisting of five risk pools including the Fund, achieved high scores once again on the Texas Department of Insurance Workers’ Compensation Network Report Card. The report evaluated 16 medical networks on the basis of health care costs; medical utilization; access to care; satisfaction with care; return-to-work outcomes; and health outcomes.

The Fund’s partnership with the Alliance helps ensure that workers receive timely medical care from qualified health care providers who share common goals—providing quality care, treating according to nationally recognized treatment guidelines, and returning injured employees to work.

This year, the Alliance received the high honor of highest satisfaction with care in the report card, meaning that injured employees were highly satisfied with their treatment. The network has consistently received high scores compared to other networks and non-networks.

Some of the other accolades the Alliance received this year include:

  • Third highest results for getting needed care and second highest for getting care quickly
  • Third lowest average hospital costs and pharmacy costs
  • Lowest average number of prescriptions per injured employee
  • Third highest return-to-work results
  • Second lowest average professional costs

The measures presented in this report card were created using data gathered from a variety of sources, including:  

  • The Division of Workers’ Compensation medical billing and payment database
  • An injured employee survey conducted by the Public Policy Research Institute at Texas A&M University
  • The network data call issued by Texas Department of Insurance

The Fund has experts who care and has consistently been recognized for excellence in Workers’ Compensation. To learn more about the Alliance, visit the Political Subdivision Workers' Compensation Alliance (PSWCA) website or view the entire network report card.

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