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Protect Against this Trending Cyber Attack

December 15, 2021 Lucas Anderson

Cybersecurity lock

The Fund has been alerted to a new cybersecurity vulnerability that could impact your software products and operating systems. Learn about the threat and how to protect your organization.

What's happening?

IT professionals discovered a security vulnerability in a common logging utility named Log4j. Logging utilities monitor software and operating systems to create log files that organizations can use to investigate errors or malfunctions.

The Log4j vulnerability allows cybercriminals to hijack the logging utility and run commands or code on a target machine or against a target process.

What should you do?

  • Share this article with your information technology team.
  • Review this list and see if you’re using any impacted software or operating systems.
  • Patch and update to the latest version of Log4j.
  • Contact key software vendors to ensure they're taking necessary precautions.

How to report a claim

If your organization is a Fund member with Privacy and Information Security coverage and you believe you've suffered a cyberattack, report a claim as soon as possible online or by calling 855.295.8344.

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