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Manage Your Legal Liability Risk

July 13, 2021 Charli Searcy

Scales of justice

Bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, and inappropriate relationships can tarnish your organization’s reputation, erode public trust, and potentially spark costly lawsuits. Fund members benefit from no-cost resources designed specifically for the legal liability risks that schools face.

Access on-demand training

Our on-demand training courses address risks affecting school districts and community colleges. In addition to six compliance courses, Fund members with School Liability coverage can access courses covering legal liability risks such as bullying, child restraint, and staff sexual harassment. Members also benefit from a suite of child abuse prevention courses covering:

  • Boundaries for on and off campus, including off-hours
  • Electronic and social media boundaries
  • Gift boundaries
  • Introduction to child sexual abuse
  • Sexual grooming
  • Student-to-student boundaries

With additional coverage lines, members can access more than 30 courses, all at no cost. If you’re enrolled in our online training program, log in and take advantage of the value of Fund membership. If you haven’t participated in the program, fill out our enrollment form to get started.

Let our legal liability expert guide you

Fund members with School Liability coverage have access to knowledge, resources, and training from our in-house expert. Popular topics include:

Racial equity

Schools are responsible for maintaining fairness in all aspects of their educational programs and activities, including race, color, and national origin. Explore ways your school can address racial intolerance and eliminate discriminatory behavior

Bullying and cyberbullying

Learn the definition of bullying in today’s wired world, understand obligations for on- and off-campus incidents, explore realistic scenarios, and receive strategies for addressing bullying. 

Sexual harassment against students

Glean practical strategies for recognizing student-to-student and employee-to-student sexual harassment, reporting misconduct, protecting students, and complying with your legal obligations.

Title IX Compliance

Gain an understanding of Title IX compliance as it relates to gender equity. We will explore topics such as pregnant and parenting students, counseling, admissions and recruitment, discipline, and single-sex education.

Gender equity in athletics

Learn how to reduce liability risks associated with sex discrimination in athletics, understand the difference between equality and equity, and implement best practices to ensure all your athletic programs and services comply with Title IX.

Legal liability issues in special education

Special education claims are on the rise. You need to understand why so you can protect your organization. Explore common claims facing Texas districts and schools, and discover best practice strategies to help reduce the risk of liability.

Employment matters

HR personnel and other administrative staff should know how to recognize issues such as workplace sexual harassment, discrimination (including race and age), and retaliation. We will cover relevant laws and policies, as well as rules enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, including Title VII.

Student free speech

When does the First Amendment apply to student speech? When can schools limit otherwise protected speech and expression? Learn about balancing students’ rights with maintaining a safe, effective learning environment.

Learn more about our School Liability coverage

The Fund’s School Liability program includes Professional Legal Liability (PLL) coverage, General Liability (GL) coverage, and Employment Benefits Liability (EBL) coverage. We recognize the unique exposures and immunities of school districts and community colleges. We provide the appropriate coverage for members. Refer to our School Liability coverage agreement for more information.

Report claims or lawsuits

The Fund encourages members with School Liability coverage to report lawsuits and claims to us as soon as possible. You can report incidents online or call Liability Claims Manager Marcy Barker at 855.295.8344. Our experts will review the information and determine whether coverage applies.

Contact us with legal liability questions

We are here to support members with tailored training and consultations covering legal liability issues. Contact Legal Liability Risk Consultant Charli Searcy at 737.708.1137 for more information on our legal liability training and resources.

Editor's note: This article was originally published in February 2019 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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