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Fund Rolls Out New Auto Program Loss History Reports

May 02, 2022 Risk Management Services Staff

Car accident

Based on member feedback, the Fund recently rolled out three new secure, on-demand Auto program loss history reports. The additional details empower members to better manage their vehicle fleets and track their auto physical damage claims.

First things first

  1. Fund Auto coverage includes Liability and Auto Physical Damage coverage. Liability coverage protects your organization if an employee is found at fault in an accident. Auto Physical Damage covers damage to your organization’s vehicles.
  2. Every auto accident begins as an incident. Not all incidents are converted into claims.

Reports at a glance

  1. The three new reports provide details about auto physical damage claims, payments, and incidents.
  2. You can access your reports anytime by logging into myTASB. If you’re not sure whether you have login credentials, learn more about myTASB access.
  3. Claim data is updated daily.
  4. You can export your reports to Excel.

Auto Physical Damage Claim Detail Report

  • Access to detailed member vehicle data associated to collision and comprehensive claims
  • Includes all auto physical damage claims with a date of loss on or after 9/1/2019.
  • New claim data includes who reported the claim, the date the claim was reported, the member driver name, and whether the vehicle was a total loss
  • New vehicle data includes reported VIN number, vehicle type, and vehicle number  

Auto Physical Damage Payment Transactions

  • First transaction report that provides auto physical damage payment details
  • Includes all payments with a transaction date on or after 9/1/2021
  • Payment transaction data includes date of transaction, payment category, check number, payee name, and amount

Auto Physical Damage Incidents

  • Access to all collision and comprehensive incidents recorded since 9/1/2019
  • Details include member driver name (if provided), who reported the incident, and vehicle identification data fields

The power of data

At the Fund, we know you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Our loss history reports give you the data you need to uncover claim trends and address their root causes:

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