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Does the Fund Enforce Non-CDL Driver Point Systems?

January 24, 2022 Risk Solutions Staff

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The Fund maintains a laser focus on Texas public schools and the unique risks they face. When you reach out for guidance, we know there’s a good chance other members need similar help. In the collaborative spirit of risk pooling, we’re sharing our response to a recent member question about driver point systems.

Member question

Does our Fund Auto coverage agreement require non-CDL holders to maintain a clear or acceptable driving record? Our previous coverage provider used a point system to exclude drivers. Points were assigned to drivers for driving violations. If an employee reached the point threshold, they were technically not insured.

Our guidance

Fund Auto coverage applies if an employee operates a Covered Automobile such as a district-owned sedan or pickup. District employees meet the definition of Covered Persons if they’re acting in the course and scope of their employment.  The Fund does not track or review a driver’s motor vehicle record.

Just like with bus drivers, driver eligibility requirements are the district’s responsibility. You’re not required to adopt a local policy that ensures only qualified drivers are authorized to operate district vehicles, but we strongly recommend you do.

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