Risk Management Member Solutions for Loss Prevention

male high school student standing in front of school busLoss prevention: It's the series of actions you take to minimize your liability and risk. Focus on loss prevention efforts, and your staff and students, facilities and property, can be better protected from the results of misfortune and inexperience.

It can also affect your bottom line: reducing costs associated with risk-related protection, before and after you have an incident.

The Fund offers training, services, and publications to educate and prepare you—and all your staff—in areas exposed to risk.

Am I eligible?

Loss prevention training and services are available through a tiered offering: Your access is based on the types of coverage you carry. Check for your eligibility on offerings in the Member Library or Training areas, or ask your risk solutions consultant if you're eligible.

Loss Prevention highlights

  • Implement or enhance a loss prevention program with the Loss Prevention Manual.
  • Access job-targeted employee safety handbooks—the right information for the right employee.
  • Communicate successfully with your employees through the Loss Prevention Safety Kits.
  • Offer multimedia instruction with the extensive Safety Video Library.