A River Runs Through It: Learn Your Flood Coverage

Over the last few years, members who had never experienced flood sustained damages from rising water around the structures due to extensive rains. With the changing weather pattern, we are seeing more surface water claims from an overflow of exterior drain systems than ever before. The Fund’s Flood Endorsement includes some coverage for these damages; however, there are exclusions for certain zones and other criteria. It is important to know where your structures are located and how to look up the flood zone as FEMA changes the zones without your knowledge. This webinar will explain the Flood Endorsement Coverage and Exclusions, and help you determine your zone. 

Presenter: Kim Shelly, Property and Liability Claims Adjuster, TASB Risk Management Services

Length: 55 minutes

Originally Presented: June 8, 2016

Suggested Audience: Superintendents, risk managers, maintenance directors, administrators

To view: Contact Risk Management Member Solutions for the link to view this webinar. Include the title of the Webinar in your message.