Beat The Heat

Heat stress is a condition that can cause several types of heat related illnesses. Risks for these illnesses are high when environmental heat factors combine with the body’s failure to regulate its internal core temperature. The body combats heat with increased breathing, sweating, and changes in blood flow.

Discover the Value of Membership

The TASB Risk Management Fund knows public education and the unique types of risks that are present because we serve only school districts, education service centers, community colleges and shared service agreements. The heart of the Fund’s mission is to provide comprehensive risk solutions that support educational excellence for Texas public educational entities.

Finding A Workers’ Compensation Doctor is Easier than Ever!

The TASB Risk Management Workers’ Program works with the Political Subdivision Workers’ Compensation Medical Alliance (The Alliance) to provide medical care for injured workers. The Alliance has made improvements to their provider search on their website, making it easier than ever to find providers nearby.

Federal Postings and Surveys for Texas Political Subdivisions

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a part of the United States Department of Labor (US DOL), which covers private sector employers and their workers in Texas. Political Subdivisions, including school districts and community colleges, and their employees do not fall under OSHA jurisdiction and are not subject to these regulations.