TASB Risk Management Fund

Guard Against Measles and Other Illnesses

March 13, 2015 Melanie Moss

girl receiving vaccine

In the wake of the most recent outbreak of measles in the United States, health officials are issuing health alerts and urging immunizations against this highly contagious illness.

The large number of measles and flu cases this year reinforces the importance of vaccinations and of proper health hygiene. As for any disease, it is important to limit the spread. People are urged to get vaccinated, wash their hands, stay home when they are sick, and practice other healthy habits. What we do for ourselves also helps the community.

Safe and healthy schools should remain a partnership among all stakeholders, including emergency management personnel, first responders, faculty, staff, students, volunteers, parents, and the community. Emergency preparedness requires attention to all hazards, not just one specific hazard. Taking steps that increase preparedness for any type of hazard, including those that effect the health of students and staff, is important.

The  TASB Risk Management Fund (Fund) has resources to assist districts in the development of their All-Hazards Emergency Operations Plan as well as a functional All-Hazards Public Health and Medical plan. These documents help districts prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate public health threats. E-mail Melanie Moss for more information about emergency management.

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