Past Award Recipients

2017 Recipients

Excellence Award Recipient Allen ISD

Allen ISD: Risk Assessment Report
The Allen ISD Risk Management Department, created in June 2013, was tasked with assessing and managing overall risks of the district. Throughout the first year, the department installed the basic framework of a risk management program. Then, it focused on finding a way to identify and assess district risks to help prioritize initiatives. After assessing risks within the district, the department created the Risk Assessment Report which helped prioritize activities and served as a tool to communicate risks to administration. 

Bandera ISD: Improving Security on Campus with Copsync
Bandera ISD campuses are characterized by large floor plans with extensive outdoor areas. The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012 caused the district to reevaluate its security measures, and electronic media appeared to be the best solution to upgrade the district’s safety and security. By clicking a desktop icon on a computer or smartphone, “Copsync” allows BISD staff members to alert any law enforcement officer within a five mile radius of a life-threatening crime occurring on a campus or field trip.

Excellence Award Recipient Denton ISDDenton CISD: District-wide Online FROI Entry Program
The district realized there was a communication breakdown when workers’ compensation reports and incident reports were not getting processed in a timely manner. Employees were not trained on what to do or how to properly submit a report. Working with TASB staff, the district developed a program, training presentation, and procedural handout. Now, the campus nurse is the main point of contact, and staff training procedures are conducted twice a year.

Excellence Award Recipient Eanes ISDEanes ISD: Facility Usage Safety Plan
Eanes ISD has 8,000 facility-use, non-school-related schedules or events every year. Although many events are small, some are larger and extend over several weeks. Buildings and fields are typically occupied an additional six to seven hours beyond the typical eight-hour school day during the week, and up to 10-12 hours a day on the weekends. The district recognized the need to protect their facilities and occupants and implemented the “Facility Usage Safety Plan.”

Gordon ISD: Emergency Management Classroom Folders
The Emergency Folder was developed to provide one location for faculty and staff to maintain needed records during an emergency. In an evacuation or emergency situation, each teacher can take the folder and access class rosters, emergency maps, red and green emergency cards, and the crisis action plan. This folder is designed to be kept close to the door of the classroom making it easy to access in emergencies. 

Excellence Award Recipient Laredo Community CollegeLaredo Community College: Utility Vehicle Training and Safety Video
Laredo Community College (LCC) developed this training video to stop the rising accident rate involving LCC utility vehicles by providing consistent instruction on safe operation of utility vehicles on campus, offering training at times that are more convenient to staff, and to meet demand when instructional staff is not available. This helps increase efficiency in training facility utilization and eliminate non-licensed operators of campus vehicles.

Excellence Award Recipient Longview ISDLongview ISD: Managing Risk Related to Student Performance through Nutrition
Longview ISD recognized the importance that nutrition plays in student success, academic performance, and behavior in the classroom. The district developed a plan to try to control and mitigate poor student performance through better nutrition. Partnered with area farmers and ranchers, LISD has been recognized by the Texas Department of Agriculture for its commitment to providing locally raised and harvested products. The district expanded and renovated the food service facilities, made equipment upgrades, hired a full-time district chef, trained in culinary arts and nutrition, and began a weekend “backpack program” that regularly provides healthy food to community children.

Excellence Award Recipient Los Fresnos CISDLos Fresnos CISD: Transportation Wellness
School bus drivers must pass an annual physical in order to drive a school bus, but driving for seven to 12 hours a day can contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise, and poor diet. The district’s drivers were referred to a medical professional for follow-up visits due to high blood pressure or high glucose levels. Los Fresnos CISD began to experience a shortage of drivers and the stress of ensuring that each bus driver is eligible to drive. With the goal for all bus drivers to pass their annual physical examination the first time with no follow-up visits, the administration took the initiative to develop a free monthly informative program that promotes healthy lifestyle choices to staff members.

Excellence Award Recipient Lubbock ISDLubbock ISD: Go! Fit! Win! A Wellness Culture at LISD
Lubbock ISD has a self-funded health plan. ln order to help manage claims dollars, increase productivity, decrease absenteeism, aid in doctor visit and medication compliance, prevent future disease, and hopefully save lives, the district introduced a comprehensive wellness program. LISD began a partnership with local outpatient clinics, moved to a high deductible health plan, created a discount pharmacy arrangement, and started the Living Well Diabetes Program.
Excellence Award Recipient Mission CISDMission CISD: Slim-Down Challenge
In 2015, Mission CISD partnered with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, an organization founded by the American Heart Association and the Clinton Foundation, to empower kids to develop lifelong, healthy habits. Mission CISD extended this initiative to district employees. The Mission CISD Risk Management Department combined wellness and healthy living by implementing the 2015 Slim-Down Challenge. This wellness challenge helped employees develop an understanding on how food supports daily functions and better health.

Excellence Award Recipient Sanger ISDSanger ISD: School Bus Lane Danger Zone
Sanger ISD was concerned for the safety of the students at school when the buses pull up to and away from the curb. The district painted a 10-foot danger zone between the curb, where the students stand, and the bus lane. The initiative is implemented every morning while dropping students off and every afternoon while picking up the students to go home.

Prior to 2017, awards were titled Innovation Awards

2016 Recipients

  • Allen ISD: Hiring for Attitude, Training for Skill
  • East Central ISD: SafeSchools Online Safety Compliance Training
  • Grapevine-Colleyville CISD: Emergency  Management Substitute Quick Reference
  • Hallettsville ISD: News Flush
  • Hill College: Emergency Management  Development Plan
  • Irving ISD: Slip-Resistant Shoe Program
  • Katy ISD: Safety BEAR
  • Los Fresnos CISD: Bus Driver Safety Training Program
  • San Benito CISD: Diabetic Chronic Disease  Management Program
  • Shallowater ISD: CrisisGo App
  • Thrall ISD: Electronic Locking Devices

2015 Recipients

  • Alief ISD: RediMed Employee Health Clinic
  • Blum ISD: The Catwalk Walking Program
  • Damon ISD: Lockaid
  • Eanes ISD: Exterior Door Numbering Initiative
  • Floydada ISD: Employee Wellness Clinic
  • Garland ISD: Staff Safety Videos
  • Lamar CISD: Bilingual Employee Wellness Program
  • Longview ISD: Lobo Green School Recycling
  • Marion ISD: Go Bucket
  • Rogers ISD: Emergency Task Committee
  • Wharton County Junior College: Crews with Proper Shoes

2014 Recipients

  • Austin ISD: Special Needs Bus Evacuation
  • Bangs ISD: Workers’ Compensation Injury Review Board
  • Brazosport ISD: Safety Resource Center
  • Corpus Christi ISD: Safety Incentive Program
  • Covington ISD: Emergency Backpack Kits
  • Harts Bluff ISD: Health Fair
  • Irving ISD: The Impact is You Safety Videos
  • Klein ISD: SafePlans Intruderology
  • Royal ISD: User-Friendly WC FROI Forms

2013 Recipients

  • Aldine ISD: Gaining Control with Centralized Operations
  • Coppell ISD: Strengthening Radio Communications
  • Del Valle ISD: Stabilizing Security Camera Systems
  • Eanes ISD: Magnetic Strip helps Control Doors
  • Longview ISD: Tools for Safe Driving
  • Mesquite ISD: Risk Management Reporting Helps Identify Needs and Improvements
  • Northwest ISD: Video Presentations Make Safety Engaging
  • Region 6 ESC: Driver Training Simulator Provides Safe Practice
  • Rogers ISD: Equipping Classrooms with Lockdown Kits
  • Weslaco ISD: Keeping Workers Fit