About the TASB Risk Management Fund 

teacher writing math equations on chalkboardThe TASB Risk Management Fund (Fund), founded in 1974, is solely focused on providing comprehensive risk management solutions to Texas educational entities..

We understand the needs and challenges of our members. For more than four decades, we have focused on the Fund’s “Five S Difference” of Strength, Savings, Stability, Service and Simplicity.


With more than 1,000 members, over $350 million in assets, and over $200 million in Members’ Equity, the Fund is backed by solid financials and the strength that comes from pooling members together from across the state.


The Fund has remained a stable partner for our members through all market conditions. You can be assured that the Fund will be here to support your risk management needs.


The Fund provides numerous member benefit incentives, including comprehensive training programs offered at no charge, and a loss prevention grant program that has given more than $8.1 million to Fund Members to apply towards loss prevention and safety initiatives.


The Fund’s partnership with TASB provides a unique service delivery design dedicated to meeting specific needs of Texas school districts and educational entities. TASB administers all Fund programs, which makes it easy to help members on a broader scale.


The Fund is focused on making membership and transactions as simple and efficient as possible, continuously simplifying and enhancing our member services. 

The Fund offers coverage and expertise in:

  • Auto
  • Liability
  • Property
  • Unemployment Compensation
  • Workers' Compensation

Our sole mission is to support Texas public schools and other educational entities with comprehensive risk management solutions today, tomorrow, and into the future. To learn more, contact your Fund marketing consultant.