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State Directs Schools to Complete Security Initiatives

News Update

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) and Texas School Safety Center (TXSSC) have directed schools to complete specific security initiatives before the fall semester. The TEA also extended the end date of the School Safety and Security Grant to June 15, 2023

2 Steps to Compliance

  1. Before the school year starts, complete the state-mandated security initiatives listed below.
  2. By September 9, respond to a TXSSC survey verifying that you completed all mandated security activities.

Visit the TEA website to learn more about your summer security-related responsibilities.

Mandated Security Initiatives 

  • Conduct a Summer Targeted Partial Safety Audit
  • Conduct an Exterior Door Safety Audit
  • Convene your organization's Safety and Security Committee to review:
    • the multi-hazard emergency operations plan (EOP)
    • and, as a component of the EOP, the active threat plan
  • Ensure all campus staff (including substitutes) are trained on their specific safety procedures
  • Schedule all mandatory drills for the school year
  • Ensure all threat assessment team members are trained
  • Review and, if necessary, update access control procedures 
    • For the new school year, access control procedures must include exterior door sweeps (ensuring doors are closed and locked) at every instructional facility at least once each week while instruction is being conducted.

Security Grant

The School Safety and Security Grant authorizes the TEA to distribute $100,000,000 to Texas public schools for additional safety and security equipment. Examples include exterior doors with push bars, bullet-resistant glass or film for school entrances, and campus-wide active shooter alarm systems.

  • School districts have until June 15, 2023, to spend their allocated grant funds.  
  • Grantees do not have to amend their applications to receive their revised Notice of Grant Award (NOGA). Revised NOGA certificates can be accessed, viewed, and printed using the Print NOGA button in the Expenditure Reporting (ER) system.
  • The Print NOGA button is available when a NOGA ID is selected in the ER system. 

Get more information about the security grant and what the extension means for your district.

Compliance Support

The TXSSC put together a list of resources to help districts comply. Fund members with Auto, Liability, Property, or Workers' Compensation coverage benefit from additional support and training.

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The TASB risk solutions team includes risk solutions consultants and communications professionals who deliver training, consultations, articles, and resources that help Fund members control losses and their associated costs.

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