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Meet Your Members' Conference Keynote Speaker

February 26, 2020 David Wylie

Fund members work hard to deliver a quality education to Texas children in the face of budget cuts, staffing issues, the evolving risk landscape, and other challenges. Justin Forsett is no stranger to adversity either, even though he enjoyed a nine-year run in the National Football League and a promising transition into the board room of his own company.

When Justin was a child, financial instability plagued his family. At an especially low point, he, his two brothers, and their parents were evicted and forced to live in a drab motel on the outskirts of their tiny hometown in Florida. As a teenager and young adult, Justin encountered obstacles in the form of coaches and scouts who labeled him too small and too slow to achieve at the next level.

Despite measurables that didn’t measure up in the minds of “experts,” Justin excelled at the things he could control: his work ethic, attitude, and laser focus on constant growth. Today, he is a husband, father, and co-founder of a growing business built on a product he and two of his college teammates invented.

The Fund is excited to announce that Justin will serve as keynote speaker of Members’ Conference 2020, our premier training event. We invite you to join us in Austin and glean lessons from Justin’s inspirational story that you can apply in your own life.

3 takeaways from Justin’s life journey

As a primer to his Members’ Conference keynote address, Justin wants to share these takeaways from his life journey. We hope they will inspire you to overcome adversity and own your destiny.

Takeaway 1. Adversity does not have to define you

Justin is one-third of the brains behind ShowerPill*, a body wipe designed for busy athletes. He and his partners had the opportunity to pitch their product on the television show “Shark Tank.” The sharks loved the concept but declined to fund the project.

Since that setback, Justin and his fellow entrepreneurs have taken a crash course in Business 101. They have also surrounded themselves with experts in finance, sales, and public relations. Simply put, they allowed adversity to refine them, not define them. As a result, ShowerPill lines the shelves of major retail outlets across the country, including Target.

Takeaway 2. Leaders invest in people

Like any athlete who competes at their sport’s highest level, Justin has been around great leaders. Each understood the importance of building authentic relationships with players. Justin says educators are in a unique position to do the same for students.

“My high school football coach is a great example,” said Justin. “He constantly poured into me and gave me the confidence to push forward. Some kids don’t have adults in their lives who genuinely care about them and want to help them succeed. You could fill that void in their lives.”

Takeaway 3. Breakthrough moments will come

Justin spent his first three years at the University of California-Berkley playing behind future NFL star running back Marshawn Lynch. Named the starter his senior season, Justin earned All-Pacific-10 Conference honors.

As a pro, Justin was selected near the end of the 2008 draft. He was subsequently cut, waived, or released—fired in layman’s terms—eight times during his career. That didn’t stop him from recording his best year during his seventh season and being named a Pro Bowl alternate.

If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels professionally, stay patient and prepare for your next breakthrough moment. For Justin, that meant banging out 1,000 pushups and 1,000 sit-ups seven days a week. For the rest of us, it could mean completing a professional development course, getting a mentor, or taking advantage of Fund training services.

Reserve your spot today

Speaking of training, Members’ Conference is the Fund’s biggest, most comprehensive event of the year. Our experts will be under one roof and ready to share their knowledge with you in April. Choose from 30 educational sessions on topics such as preventing workplace accidents, protecting sensitive data, and boosting school security. Regardless of your role, you will leave with practical tips that help you do your job better. It’s a $300 value, and we deliver it at no charge to Fund members. Reserve your spot today.

*The Fund provides this information for educational purposes only. We do not endorse or recommend this product or any other.


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