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Let’s Clear the Air

Topics include sources of poor indoor air quality (IAQ) in schools, IAQ metrics, and tools for building a sound IAQ program.


Vehicle emissions, wildfire smoke, Saharan dust: Outdoor air contaminants garner headlines and public interest, but indoor pollutants can register up to 100 times higher, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. In schools, poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can compromise health, student performance, equipment efficiency, and operations.

This expert-led webinar will dispel common IAQ myths and show you how to:

  • Understand how poor IAQ could impact your Workers' Compensation and Property programs
  • Identify common sources of air pollution in your schools
  • Evaluate IAQ using metrics such as staff and student complaints, work orders to address mystery odors, and preventive HVAC maintenance
  • Leverage tools to build a sound IAQ program