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Your Guide to Addressing Winter Storm Property Damage


Our risk solutions consultants and claims team offer expert guidance for members with Property coverage.

Inspect your property for water damage

If you have an immediate need for water mitigation, reach out directly to these vendors for help with mitigation and emergency repairs.

Prevent further damage

Broken pipes can lead to extensive flooding and water damage. Because the demand is high, it might be difficult to get a professional mitigation company to your location quickly.

Follow these steps to limit the damage and potential costs:

  • Turn off water.
  • Clear water from the area.
  • Dry out water-soaked items.

File a claim

If you sustained property damage due to the freeze, call us at 800-482-7276 for immediate assistance, or report a claim online and we will call you to follow up.

Hire contractors carefully

Use caution with third-party vendors, such as roofers, plumbers, or public adjusters. Speak to a TASB representative before you engage with a vendor. We have established relationships with trusted companies and can help get you the mitigation, remediation, or restoration answers you need.

Clean up safely

Employees tasked with cleanup operations could be exposed to hazards that cause injuries. Examples include slips while mopping wet floors, back strains when lifting debris, animal or insect bites from disturbed nests, and poor indoor air quality if wet material is not quickly removed.

These credible organizations offer guidance on safely recovering from a disaster:

Apply for public assistance

Texas public schools and colleges could be eligible for winter storm disaster relief under the Public Assistance Program. The federally backed program supports recovery efforts such as debris removal, infrastructure repairs, and reimbursement for emergency and protective measures.

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